Which input method best fits your payroll needs? You can call in, fax or email your payroll each pay period, or you can submit it online via a simple but comprehensive web-based system. The frequency is up to you: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and even annually.



Implementation is uncomplicated, even if you make a change mid-year or mid-quarter. You’ll have one point of contact with a dedicated Customer Service Representative to provide individualized attention.




Choose direct deposit, live checks with laser signature, pressure sealed check stubs, or check stuffing, or online vouchers and W2s for your employees to view. W2s and 1099s are shipped by bonded courier in January. We know your payroll needs will grow proportionate to your business and staff growth, so we can scale up to meet your needs.


Tax Deposits and Filings


CBIZ Flex-Pay is responsible for accurate and timely filings of your tax payments in all 50 states. Flex-Pay submits your Federal tax, Federal unemployment tax, state tax, state unemployment tax, and local tax (when applicable) withholdings and files Quarterly reports.


Input Methods


You can choose to call, fax, autopay, email, or use our web or PC interface, all at no additional cost to you. Regardless of which method our clients choose, an experienced Payroll Specialist is available as your payroll resource.


Earnings and Deductions


All are handled accurately including health and insurance benefits, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, retirement accounts, bonuses, reimbursements, commissions, tips and garnishments.

Social Security Number (SSN) Verification

Our SSN Verification service is free of charge to all payroll clients. The benefit of this service is to provide you and your HR team confirmation from the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your employee’s SSN. If a discrepancy presents itself, it is easier to resolve in a timely manner than after a notice is received.


Comprehensive Management Reports


Over 80 clear and concise standard reports every pay period or customized reports as needed at no additional charge with SecureView online access. Prepare cross-functional reports and provide access to your CPA through secure authorization.


Human Resource Functions


Manage vacation/sick accruals, new hire reporting, emergency contacts, and performance review dates. Track licenses, certifications, skills, and continuing education. Reports at no additional charge: EEO-1, Certified Payroll, multiple worksite, grant reports for non-profits, workers compensation for audit, labor distribution.




Be confident that all data is kept safe using the highest standards available.  All account information is protected by firewalls and authentication and is backed up each and every day.

An overview of our web product, PC product, and Online Pay Statements are available.

To see a demonstration of our web product, PC product, and Online Pay Statements feature, email CBIZ Flex-Pay,
336-773-0128, or 800-457-2143.