Solve your I-9 Administration Challenges


There are three things employers need to do to manage the risk of I-9 administration:

  • Audit existing records to understand the extent and nature of errors
  • Clean up past I-9s
  • Create processes so all I-9s are handled correctly in future

Organizations can manage the I-9 process on their own, but in most cases, it makes sense to implement an automated solution since manual approaches are time-consuming and prone to errors.

Employers have been surprised by the difficulty of I-9 compliance and the seriousness of penalties that can result from administrative errors. Audit your existing processes to see if they are at risk. If there are compliance problems, there’s  good news:  automated systems and experienced vendors like CBIZ Flex-Pay can help you get on track. Managing I-9 risk is a ‘must-do’ and there is no reason to postpone getting started on an audit.

Utilize CBIZ Flex-Pay’s I-9 Solution/ E-Verify, a web-based program to help you with electronic I-9 completion and E-Verify compliance with just one login.

For more information on I-9 Solution/E-Verify, contact CBIZ Flex-Pay, 336-773-0128, or 800-457-2143.