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July 19, 2016

Online Pay Statements

How much time do you spend distributing your employee’s check stubs every check date?

CBIZ Flex-Pay provides the capability for your employees to view their check detail and history through our Online Pay Statements product. Your employees have access to each checks earnings and deductions for the current check date as well as prior checks paid through our payroll system. Accrual balances (if tracked through payroll), benefit deduction totals, demographic information, tax exemption status, and any W-2 processed through our services are visible based on each employee’s specific login and password. The Online Pay Statements fee replaces your shipping charge if your employees are 100% direct deposit. In North Carolina, employers can require all of their employees use direct deposit. If you have employees without a bank account, we have options for pay cards, too.

Contact Amy West, Client Services Manager, at or (336) 714-1212 to find out more about how this service can benefit your company.