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August 26, 2016

Flex-Clock Plus…CBIZ Flex-Pay Has an App for That!

Flex-Clock Plus clients have access to a Mobile app for iPhone and Android. This Mobile app is available as a timekeeping solution to help employers and employees track employee hours worked on-the-go. From punching employee time cards to supervisor time-off approvals, this app is your mobile workforce companion!

With the overtime regulations by the U.S Department of Labor, the new wage threshold test more than doubles today’s $23,660 ($455 per week) to $47,476 ($913 per week). Starting January 1, 2020, the limit will be adjusted every three years. Employees earning less than $47,476, regardless of their job responsibilities, are deemed non-exempt, and entitled to overtime pay. This means many employees could now qualify for overtime pay. With this rule, employers need to track additional non-exempt employees, whether they are converted to hourly employees or to salary non-exempt employees. These employees must receive overtime for hours worked over 40 and may also be entitled to additional straight time if their worked and non-worked hours exceed 40 hours. CBIZ Flex-Pay’s online Flex-Clock Plus is an economical option for consideration.

If you are currently using our Flex-Clock Plus, or if you are using Flex-Clock Classic and want to hear more about the Flex-Clock Plus upgrade options (time off requests/approvals, Mobile app, and additional reporting), please contact Genia Knight for additional details at 336-714-1210 or

If you would like to learn what Flex-Clock Plus has to offer to streamline your timekeeping functions, please contact Amy West at 336-714-1212 or

Benefits for Employees:

  • Clock In/Out
  • View personal time card and schedule
  • View, edit (if enabled), add notes, and approve time cards
  • Change department/location/job, etc. (if enabled)
  • View pay period Current Hours Worked (i.e., Regular, Overtime, Other)
  • View time-off balances (i.e., Vacation, Sick, Other)
  • View End of Pay Period date
  • View announcements from manager/supervisor
  • View personal profile information
  • Request time off

Benefits for Supervisors:

  • View/approve/deny pending employee time-off requests
  • Clock in/out multiple employees simultaneously
  • View, edit, add notes, and approve time cards
  • View list of employees currently clocked in
  • View list of employees with the day off (approved time-off requests)

Employees and employers still have access to their time data and entries directly into the online Flex-Clock Plus system. The Mobile app provides another avenue for time collection to automate processes.