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May 6, 2016

Employee Details- Capture through Payroll

How many Excel spreadsheets do you maintain on your employees, such as:    Performance Review Dates    Pay Grades    Employee Phone and Birthday Lists    Emergency Contact List Find out how Flex-Pay’s system can expedite the way you capture this information and get it in report form. Flex-Pay’s system can track your employee’s Performance Review Dates and give you the ability to provide a “Performance Review Due” report to your managers while tracking which Pay Grade each employee is in.

Can you easily run an Employee Phone or Birthday list? When an emergency occurs with an employee, are you certain your Emergency Contact spreadsheet is the latest version? Use Flex-Pay’s system to track your Emergency Contact information so you are not wasting time looking for the latest version. Flex-Pay provides you the ability to run these reports when you need them at no additional charge.